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We conduct public seminars to help homeowners understand the sale process and what they can do to sell for the highest price, quickly even if selling "as-is."


Here's What We Cover:

  • The overall sale process — step-by-step;

  • 4 key ingredients to setting the right price;

  • How to prep your home to attract more offers;

  • How to avoid having an offer fall through;

  • What to expect in the local real estate market;

  • 6 qualities to look for in an agent;

  • and lots more!

More than 3,000 homeowners have attended this seminar.  It's the perfect first step if you're thinking of selling — it will be well worth your time!

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Ana Maria

I had the intention of selling my home myself, but after attending the seminar I realized I would be better served by going with an experienced real estate agent. 


I asked for a free valuation of my home and Jennifer was the one who came to look at my home and show me the comps.  She was wonderful. and she was excited to help me get my home sold. She told me she was sure it would sell the first weekend it was on the market.  She was right.  My home was not even on the market for 2 days before I received an offer for a terrific price.  I know I couldn't have done that on my own.


I now know why Karandy & Dunn are top realtors, and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a partner in selling their home.

Bill & Dani Miller

We met the Karandy & Dunn team at one of their seminars and learned about the current market and how selling a home works. We learned enough to start working toward selling our home.

We signed up for a free home visit and Kathryn worked through the comps and suggested a selling price just above what we were thinking. She also gave us advice on what to repair and how to stage and we did just that.

When it was time to list we went with them and were very impressed with the photos and virtual tour. The market must have also been impressed as we sold in 3 days.

Kathryn worked through the sale process with our best interests in mind and we appreciated that.

Lisa Breland

Once my mother's Alzheimers progressed, we needed to sell her home and we picked THE BEST Realtors in town!  We went to a seminar to learn about selling your home, then made an appointment with Jennifer Karandy and the process began.


Jennifer was honest, took the initiative to get our house sold, knew the market well, and advised us on what to expect and what our options were.


Most importantly, Jennifer was friendly yet professional and took the time to make sure we understood the entire process and she advised us with wisdom and experience.


A great pleasure doing business with the Karandy & Dunn Team.

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