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Thinking of Buying?

During Our Meeting, We'll:

  1. Discuss your situation and how we can help.

  2. Review the buying process, the current market, how Buyer Agents work, and advise you on next steps.

  3. If needed, refer you to a reputable lender so you can get pre-approved for financing.

  4. If you're ready to start shopping, we'll review available properties and get you started!

This meeting takes about 1 hour depending on your situation — it will be well worth your time.

Request a

"FREE Buyer Consultation"


Request a
Free Buyer Consultation

In-Office, Zoom or Phone

Realtor meeting with clients

Once you have your financing ready to go, it's time to start shopping with your Buyer Agent — who will represent you (not the seller).


Your Buyer Agent Will:

  • Search for properties that meet your criteria, including
    "unlisted" properties.

  • Write a compelling offer designed to get accepted.

  • Recommend and coordinate inspections.

  • Negotiate repairs you'd like done before closing.

  • Ensure all deadlines are met to stay "in contract."

  • Deliver the keys to you on the closing day!

How Your Buyer Agent Gets Paid:

  • A Buyer Agent earns a commission, as noted in your "Buyer Service Agreement," when you buy a property.

  • The commission is paid by the Seller or the Buyer, depending on how the seller lists the property.  If you don't have available funds to pay a commission, let your Buyer Agent know so they can select appropriate homes.


To Schedule a Property Tour,
Call 541-933-7045

Let's Go Shopping!
Your Buyer Agent Will Negotiate the Best Price & Terms

buyer writing real estate contract to purchase a home

If you're thinking of buying or investing in a property, we can help you in several ways depending on where you are in the process.  Review the options below to determine your next step.



Let Us Refer You to a Lender

If you'll need financing to purchase a property, the first step is to get pre-approved for a loan, by a bank or "mortgage broker." A bank offers its own limited loan products, while a "broker" has access to hundreds of loans to find a good match to suit your needs.

If you're buying a manufactured home in a park (where you don't own the land), you'll need a specialty lender.

There is no cost or obligation to meet with a lender for an initial consultation.  Of course, you'll need to provide financial documents to verify your income to complete the process.

Once you've been "pre-approved" for a loan, you'll be ready to start shopping for your new home or property! 

For a Lender Referral,
Call 541-933-7045

Loan Pre-Approval
The First Step in the Home-Buying Process

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