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Thinking of Selling?

We conduct seminars to help homeowners understand the sales process and what steps they can take to sell quickly, for the highest price.  


We Cover:

  • 4 key ingredients to setting the right price;

  • How to prep your home to attract more offers;

  • How to avoid having an accepted offer terminated;

  • What to expect in the current market;

  • 6 qualities to look for in an agent;

  • and lots more!

More than 3,000 homeowners have attended this seminar.  It's the perfect first step if you're thinking of selling — it will be well worth your time!

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Attend This Free Seminar:
"How to Sell Your Home, Quickly, for the Highest Price"

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If you're thinking of selling — or you're ready to install a "For Sale" sign — we can guide you through the decision-making & sale process.  Review the options below to determine your next step.



During a Home Valuation, We'll:

  1. Tour your property to evaluate its location, features, and condition.

  2. Review what similar properties are selling for and suggest a listing price.

  3. Discuss the sale process and what you can do to prepare your home to attract the highest offers.

This meeting lasts 1-2 hours depending on your property and situation — it will be well worthwhile.

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Schedule a Free Home Valuation
We'll Tour and Discuss Price, Process & Prep

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We're always available for a quick phone call, or we can schedule a longer phone consultation. 


Common Questions We Receive:

  • How's the market?

  • When's the best time to sell?

  • What would my home sell for?

  • Should we have a home inspection?

  • What contractor can you refer me to?

  • What do you recommend in our situation?

  • I want to buy a home, so what's the process?

  • How do we buy & sell at the same time?

  • and many more!

Don't hesitate to contact us.  We'd love to help you!

Call 541-517-5878


Request a Free Phone Consultation
To Get Your Questions Answered

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